sermonette: What is a False Prophet?

The Message, Not The Miracles
David C. Grabbe
Given 22-Jul-06; Sermon #785s; 15 minutes

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David Grabbe, referring to the false prophet in Revelation, gives some characteristics of a false prophet. A prophet is one who speaks for God. A prophet may have miraculous power and foretell the future, but if he leads people away from the truth of God, he is a false prophet. Even though he may use God's name, if he leads us away from God's law and refuses to correct his errors, he is not speaking for God. The false prophet will not connect the dots between sinfulness and the nation's downfall. The false prophet who brings in destructive heresies denies the power of Christ. The fruits of a false prophet show his true self. A false prophet turns people away from God. If the words of the prophet are counter to scripture, he is a false prophet.


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