feast: The Religion of Climate Change

Mike Ford
Given 21-Oct-16; Sermon #FT16-07B; 38 minutes

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Mike Ford, exposing one of the most colossal frauds that ever existed, the global warming hoax perpetrated by pseudo-science, warns us that it has morphed into the fastest growing religion in the world. Proponents of this bogus religion claim that, if we can control our output of carbon dioxide, regulate bovine flatulence, and drive electric cars, we can prevent the oceans from rising, the polar ice-caps from melting, hurricanes from forming, and drought from spreading. President Obama, the Alarmer-in-chief, has proclaimed climate change the biggest danger on the earth, far greater than ISIS and the threat of nuclear war. Michael Bloomberg blamed climate change for Hurricane Sandy while Hillary Clinton attributes Hurricane Matthew to climate change. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and failed Presidential candidate Al Gore have called for stiff fines and imprisonments for climate change deniers, using techniques of harassment and intimidation not unlike the Spanish Inquisition. None of the dire warnings made by Al Gore have ever materialized; as a matter of fact, a large segment of the scientific community fear Global cooling and a new ice age. Climate always changes over time, but human contribution to this change is negligible. Being good stewards of the earth should not lead to the imbalanced practice of making mother-earth our goddess. God, the inventor of climate and weather patterns, is sovereign over the climate and weather; He knows a few more things about it than Al Gore, Barack Obama, or Michael Bloomberg. The nation that obeys God will have favorable weather and climate; the nations that disobeys God will not. Worshiping the earth and rejecting its Creator will bring about disappointing results.

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Al Gore Attorney General Loretta Lynch Avoid false knowledge—science falsely so-called Carbon dioxide as a 'threat' Carbon footprint Climate change hoax Darkness causing people to gnaw on their tongues Deuteronomy 11:1 Dr Rajendra Pachauri: the clown of climate change has gone Electric cars saving environment I Timothy 6:20 Fracking 'causes' earthquakes Galveston hurricane in comparison with New York hurricane Global cooling Imprisonment of climate change deniers Hal Lindsay rebuked for suggesting God's judgment responsible for weather patterns Hannibal taking elephants over the Alps in winter Historical Climatology Hypocrisy of climate change advocates IPCC Job 38:3-26 Job in the 'principal's' office Judith Curry's Home Page Little Ice Age Leviticus 26:1-4 Matthew 24:7 Medieval Warm Period (Medieval Climate Optimum) Michael Bloomberg My karma ran over your dogma Rajendra K. Pachauri - Wikipedia Paleoclimatology Proverbs 30:4 Recycling Religion of climate change Revelation 16:7 Solar panels Water turned to blood Windfarms destroying migratory patterns of birds '

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