sermonette: Mr. Darby, Mr. Scofield, and God's Law

Charles Whitaker
Given 07-May-16; Sermon #1321s; 18 minutes

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Charles Whitaker takes aim at several destructive heresies which have crept into western religious (Puritan-Protestant) culture, including the rapture lie (espoused by Edward Irving 1825 and Margaret McDonald 1830) and the so-called dispensationalist theory (espoused by John Nelson Darby and Cyrus Scofield-author of the Scofield Reference Bible). David McPherson, in his book, The Rapture Plot, exposes the intellectual dishonesty of the world's churchmen, who consistently engage in plagiarism, alteration of text, and suppression of other documents, pushing the rapture heresy as the immortality of the soul and heaven as the reward for the saved. The destructive dispensationalist theory, guided by the study guides in the Scofield Bible, savagely denigrates God's Law, claiming that grace does away with the necessity to obey God's Law. Darby's and Scofield's dispensationalist doctrines have knocked the moral props out of God fearing Puritans and Protestants, totally ignoring the reality that God's spiritual and holy Law spans covenants, spans history, and is not connected with only one covenant, the Mosaic.

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Antinomian heresy Demise of Puritanism and Protestantism Destructive heresies Dispensationalist theory Edward Irving Genesis 8:30; 26:5 Intellectual dishonesty John Nelson Darby Malachi 3:6 Matthew 5:17 Protestantism Puritanism Rapture lie The Rapture Plot: Dave MacPherson Replacement theology Romans 1:1-20 7:12, 14 Scofield Reference Bible Supercessionalism What are the seven dispensations?


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