commentary: Victims of Existentialism

The Nation Was Led Into Judges 21:25
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 09-Feb-13; Sermon #1142c; 14 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh, reflecting on the philosophical stance of existentialism (each individual has the responsibility to find his own meaning in life, stressing that people are not answerable to any higher power, but are totally responsible for what he does and subject to the consequences of his actions, bringing to him a great deal of angst and dread), explores its effect on American culture. Existentialism, a philosophy growing out of humanism, became a major force in America following World War II, ushering in a steep and precipitous moral decline which has continued unabated. The current fiscal cliff manipulations of the Democrat Party, having refused to draft a budget for three years while pushing for no debt ceiling, demonstrates the futility of existentialist doctrine, guaranteeing that "unless we experience a miracle, America will go over the fiscal cliff by 2025-the point of no return. The hypocritical cry for 'gun control' is ludicrous when it is revealed that for 12,600 total deaths from gunshots per year, medicine malpractice kills 780,936 per year, dwarfing into insignificance the danger posed by firearms. But higher education, the media, and the gullible sheeples, created by that media—have all been hypnotized, or perhaps poisoned, by existentialistic, humanist-progressive thinking.

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Answerable to no higher power Angst Big Pharmaceuticals Conscience Democrat Party Existentialism Fiscal cliff Free choice Gun control Hatch Adams Humanism Romans 1:20


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